Guide Dog Books, March 2012

ISBN: 978-1-935738-19-0

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Like many writers, you teach in a university setting. In what sense do you think writing can be taught, especially at the university level?


Beyond teaching students some tricks of the trade and giving them a space to work?  We can teach them to read, so they learn to love what works before they tear it open in search of what else works.


You have published short work in both traditional literary magazines and webzines. When you are preparing a short piece for publication, what is the most important factor in helping you decide whether it is suitable for print or screen?


Online?  Snapshots that come at you quickly, with visual thrust in story and form.  In print, an equally short story with the traditional depth of the typographic line, paragraph, and page sits better.  Usually.


What's the one novel most writers need to read but haven't, and why should they read it?


That's a dirty question, so I'll say Samuel Delany's Hogg, which is a dirty answer.  It's an offensive, upsetting, disgusting book, so bravo.


MATTHEW ROBERSON has published two novels, 1998.6 and Impotent, and is hard at work on a third, Blog.