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Possible Architect is a podcast featuring conversations with and performances by a wide range of creatives. Hosted by Trevor Dodge. Download individual episodes below or preview/subscribe via iTunes


Possible Architect Episode 01: Lance Olsen & Trevor Dodge (25 min 40 sec)

In this launch episode, Lance and I discuss our collaboration on Architectures of Possibility, its genesis and first iteration as Rebel Yell, and what the future holds.


Possible Architect Episode 02: Dave Gibbons (7 min 39 sec)

Dave Gibbons and I discuss what sets comics apart from other media, both in terms of how a reader experiences them as narrative devices, as well as how they convey memorable characters.


Possible Architect Episode 03: Stephen Graham Jones (39 min 44 sec)

In our third episode, I talk with Stephen Graham Jones about his rocket-fueled writing process, the place of genre fiction in MFA programs, and what exactly he means by saying "it's all lies to me."


Possible Architect Episode 04: Ben Slotky (10 min 30 sec)

Fiction writer Ben Slotky reads two stories in the epistolary format, “Dear Dead Dog” and “Real Not Fake.”


Possible Architect Episode 05: Lidia Yuknavitch (26 min 54 sec)

Lidia Yuknavitch reads to a standing-room-only crowd at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. Introduced by novelist Chuck Palahniuk and recorded on September 8, 2012.


Possible Architect Episode 06: Debra Di Blasi (24 min 30 sec)

Debra Di Blasi discusses the book as a fine art object, new possibilities for publishing afforded by CreateSpace and Apple’s iOS, and how Jaded Ibis Productions is leveraging new forays to create one-of-a-kind author editions.


Possible Architect Episode 07: Lydia Netzer (35 min 56 sec)

Lydia Netzer and I discuss the place of innovative fiction within the contemporary New York publishing world, book doctoring as a creative practice, and the role social networking plays in both the marketing and reader reception of literary fiction.


Possible Architect Episode 08: Corvus Elrod (28 min 57 sec)

Corvus Elrod and I discuss the communal and aesthetic power of games, the natures of agency and authorship inside them, and their intersections with prose, film and other media.


Possible Architect Episode 09: Davis Schneiderman (pt 1) (30 min 49 sec)

Davis Schneiderman discusses writing and publishing in the age of digital distraction, the performance art of literary readings, and some of the methods of his creative madness


Possible Architect Episode 10: Davis Schneiderman (pt 2) (2 min 03 sec)

Davis Schneiderman reads "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Autosummarized to 85 Words." This performance was recorded by Don Meyer.


Possible Architect Episode 11: Jay Ponteri (36 min 33 sec)

Jay Ponteri and I discuss the metafictional qualities of both writing and publishing memoir, the intersection between revision and personal relationships, and the unique and fierce connections such deeply personal writing forges between authors and readers.

Possible Architect Episode 12: Matt Briggs (29 min 39 sec)
Matt Briggs and I discuss some of the assertions in his essay “Engage or Perish,” specifically how books function as unique nodes for social networking. We also talk about the changing stigma towards self-publishing, and the production marketplace for writing in today’s digital economy.


Possible Architect Episode 13: Ben Marcus (36 min 54 sec)
Ben Marcus explains the nature of experiment in his work, how the teaching of creative writing inspires and also corrodes its practice, and the typecasting of MFA programs. This interview was recorded at the Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR in January of 2014.

Possible Architect Episode 14: Tom Spanbauer (54 min 25 sec)
In our discussion about his latest novel I Loved You More, Tom Spanbauer discusses his personal and creative growth up and out of eastern Idaho, and how the various forms of repression he experienced there helped shape his maturation, sexual awakening, and emergence as one of contemporary fiction’s most compelling voices and inspirational teachers.